Thursday, February 16, 2012

Elevator Pitch



Elevator pitch

“A sleeping young woman is visited by a demon that transforms her dreams into a nightmare forcing her to succumb to her biggest fear.”

Short description of the project

The video will be a mix between video art and fiction combining different techniques of video and animation. The goal is to create an audiovisual piece that goes beyond a simple horror short and pushes the audience into further thinking of the meaning. The main target audience is young adults (18-40) but it can be also be seen by teenagers and older people.

Visual treatment

The look will be similar to the trailer I have already done for this project ( I did the trailer two years ago and I have been waiting for some time to actually do this project)

The techniques I will mix will be: video, stop motion, painting with light.

The demon will be recorded with long exposures/stop motion in order to have it blurry. All the demon and sleeping sequences will be shot at night in interiors while the nightmare sequences will be shot with daylight both in exteriors and interiors. The light on the nightmare sequences will be soft (ideally only shot on overcast weather) and I will add a cold filter to the nightmares to give unity.


1. 5D Mark II camera (possibly two)

2. Boompole

3. Directional microphone

4. Zoom recorder

5. Hot lights and gels


Due to the complexity of the project I plan to do it with a group of people who will help me specially on the production stage (recording, fx, recording of music, make-up, sound, etc ). I will do the pre-production (scouting, script, tests) and post production (editing). This people won’t be part of the photography program.


As I mentioned before this I a project I have been waiting to do for at least a couple of years, among my inspiration there are paintings, films, novels, tales, etc. Just to mention some:

Henry Fuselli paintings of nightmares

Ken Russel’s “Gothic” interpretation of the nightmare.

A nightmare on Elm’s street by Wes Craven

In the mouth of madness by Carpenter

Hard-boiled wonderland and the end of the world by Murakami



CMYK vs RGB printing

CMYK proof (not bad)

Even though the preview on the screen looked too flat and there was a shift on the greens in my image (specially on the highlights) when the print came out it was ok. Actually I liked the final result considering that it was a CMYK. The changes regarding the CMYK print to the RGB print were a warmer touch on all the image and a slight lose on the contrast.

For the colour checker the main change were in the colours red and the blue, and I had to do a big correction on the midtones of the photograph otherwise it should have given a dark result.

RGB print (good)

The RGB print came as I expected. Since my photograph was already calibrated for the satin paper on the big printer I didn't have problems. The colours on the colour checker were perfect too.